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About Don Wilson

As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, service to my country, state, and community has always been my priority.  I’ve served as a city councilor, Mayor, aeronautics instructor, and House District Representative since leaving the military.

I believe my previous experience at the local level has made me keenly aware that the biggest and most productive asset the conservative movement has: the local control of OUR government.  No other candidate in this race has the familiarity of both the local and state levels of government.  While mayor I fought against state government overreach that included during COVID-19, when I supported small businesses.

In Denver I’ve been on the front lines as Democrats continue their assault on local governments, creating mandates that bloat government at every level.  I will hit the ground running and be ready for the fights against our conservative values on day one.

As a County Commissioner, I will be able to collaborate with my colleagues and community members to bring clear and beneficial results to our area.  I led the fight to overturn a 2019 law allowing Colorado to participate in the National Popular Vote, which stripped voters of a voice.  My proven track record of doing the work and applying common conservative sense values to every task, makes me the right choice for a strong community.

We are seeing now more than ever the need for local governments to stand strong against larger governments’ overreach. I have served in the super minority, and I take no issue with uphill battles. Doing what’s right despite divisive rhetoric is something I take great pride in.  I fought back when law enforcement funding was under attack to keep our community safe, and expanded the police force as mayor because public safety is among my top priorities as Commissioner which also include:

Community Relationships

Don Wilson understands the importance of building strong relationships within the community. His campaign is dedicated to listening to the concerns of El Paso County residents and working towards solutions that benefit everyone.


Don Wilson's experience as the mayor of Monument, a state house representative, and a US Marine has prepared him to lead El Paso County towards a brighter future. He has the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions and implement effective solutions.


Don Wilson believes in being accountable to the people he serves. He is committed to transparency and ensuring that the needs of El Paso County residents are always put first.

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