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Protect Taxpayers 

Too often we see government involve itself in ineffective areas, leaving less focus on the basics, such as infrastructure, lowering the overall quality of life in the community.  Taxpayers are increasingly asked to bail out oversized governments.  I will continue to address and advocate for the needs of local communities to respect TABOR and prioritize the county budget so we work leaner and meaner.

Reduce Government

Reduce red-tape, our community members (both business and individual) frequently speak of not pursuing opportunities due to excessive bureaucratic requirements, I believe in innovation and will work to keep El Paso County open for business.  I will help renew and revitalize the proper roles of government in our community, by keeping bureaucracies small and reducing burdens on families and small businesses.


Support Public Safety

Safe streets are the bedrock for keeping economies strong and families thriving. I want to improve upon direct and collaborative communications with our smaller communities and districts located within the county. As Mayor of Monument I fought back when law enforcement funding was under attack and expanded the police force. As a commissioner I will always support law enforcement and the office of our district attorney.

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